Friday, July 24, 2009

I have been gone too long.... by Diane Ogden

One more cup of coffee and my brain will begin again. Let me begin by telling you that I have been whispered to lately by a positive entity. The whispers are: Write. You need to write something every day. Write. I didn't see big white wings with those whispers or halo's or hear music...well yes I do hear music from out of "nowhere" sometimes. ha. Do I write ha so I don't sound ridiculous? Sure I do....yet I don't think its funny actually. So it must be that I type ha to cover up what some might think "far out." I love my puns. So far, I am being whispered to by unseen entities, and I hear music in the air from nowhere. It all means I am a very intuitive individual who is fortunate enough to live on earth and hear from the atmospheric beings. Angels, Passed on Loved ones, God, and so on. Do not ask me what and so on means.... I don't know. I do know and am being kindly reminded that I need to write something every day. To keep the brain in writing mode. I have three children's books written, one novel finished, one amazing novel started, and another online.Yet none have left this presence! I have to concentrate on writing one thing at a time.... and FINISHING it. Thanks to the "writers whisperers from beyond." I am listening... and it will be done on earth as it is in heaven. omg that was good huh?

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