Friday, July 17, 2009

How Evil is Evil? by Diane Ogden

I watched the T.V. special on J.K. Rowling last evening being spellbound most of the hour. Not much keeps me spellbound in this world but she and "just" her mere being does that to me. Maybe because I love to write also. Maybe because I have all those notes in my head and all the past experiences that need "re-placement" out of my head and into different characters on paper then onto a big screen. I believe that will happen. One comment she made with added video to accentuate it was: "Evil is something that if it gets too close to you it will suck all the good life forces right out of you!" Aside those words was the picture of Harry lying down about eight feet from a huge Evil glob Lord Voldomort. The positive forces being displayed as white cloudy Taffy being pulled from his being along with his skin, eyes and mouth stretching beyond what his mere mortal body could stand. It also reminded me of what a human being must feel like on strong drugs or possibly mental anguish. All of which are evil, are they not? Sucking the life right out!! Yes out and gone.... We all have evil lurking within and out. It is sly and cunning and wins all awards for its acting and trickery abilities. My mentor would say I am giving it to much credit which calls it in and makes it bigger. Like a little man who is nothing until he picks up his gun or grenade. Or his bottle of alcohol or his drug of choice or sharp tongue. All of which will kill him in the end. Slowly but surely. Like a ninja that sneaks up behind without a sound and wins his prey. No matter your daily walk or nightly sleep, there is evil lurking, waiting for a weak moment or a weak thought. We all have them...we also have whatever we need to shield ourselves and our loved ones from them. Mine.....their time is limited as they will soon be out of my head and down on paper then out to the world to be used for entertainment never again given any credit for negative growth. Small as they should be, like the size of a power. But their story shall be the size of a mustard seed whose definition is enough to move a mountain. Now that's success! It backfired on them didn't it? Indeed just as J.K. Rowling's fears from her past, demons from her past, and pain, all received a name and went down on paper and out to the world. And with the faith of a mustard seed she beat them in a mountainous way! Make your evil small and it will make you big.
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