Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Guest Diane Ogden

I have always wanted the perfect magazine type "guest room!" Wouldn't that mean I have made it, like valley girl talk, like ya know like...I have an empty room in my home/condo/apt...apartment being the truth. That said room doesn't call in any children under thirty unless sick or in serious need. I just finished the Mommie deal....last year in fact. That being so it means that old Mommies want some space and independence like when they were 20 but look the 60 they are. Well most are in their 40's, but not me, no I had to have birth control failure at 40. Most women experience freedom at 40, or having to deal with their hubbs mid life do da day crisis cruds. Not me, I had no man, none of those issues ......except the failure of the b.c. And that doesn't stand for Before Christ...because I knew him too. Which made for some other type issues we got thru. There is no guilt in Christ, I am forgiven and so on. All that is great but I still had to go thru the walk. For twenty years I have gone thru the walk... And today was no diff. The hubbs leave and the kids stay...thank God. Yet in the major scheme of life isn't this small? That child has a place on I do. Back to the guest room. So my 84 year old Dad brings me "that child's" first bed, that was stored at the "funny farm" which you understand if you follow this blog!! We carry it in, watch the Dad move slower and slower each year, then we visit a bit.... He brings me a pint of his star raspberries and a bag of his special "speragus" he calls it. Then he leaves in his truck to complete his errands...a bit slower but in good health. I want to put the bed together and I even find a baggie that says BED BOLTS... I am so thrilled at my organization until I discover the BED BOLTS are for some other bed from some other time. So there it is, "The Bed," in the infamous guest room, pieces on the floor , with the Coleman air mattress I just purchased today, (which is another blog regarding blowing it up and getting the plug put back in before it deflated)
on the floor with the 19 year old $600 day bed/ pink with pink hearts about it....three dead ceramic balls, one left to re-order from. I'll just hang baseball caps on the broken ball spots. NO, that's my point..I am at a phase of life where I should have MORE!! I should have the perfect guest room darnit. I have it all on the inside....or maybe not . If I did the outside should follow suit they say... what you think is what you get. If that is true I should have the perfect guest room, No missing balls on the bed, sex at least three times a week or more, health insurance, and be able to eat a Big Mac without fearing death from it. Or at least a Cheeseburger! Whatever, I am going to bed unfinished. Like a new piece of raw furniture that gets to chose how to turn out! That 's me...I still have time to chose. I called my daughters roomie and asked if he had any nuts. I really meant bolts! He was very silent for a moment and then I said, "Let me explain....." We obviously laughed because of course he has nuts. Of the brazen sort. I am not that old for G sakes. But I am of the Class of Class so I fixed it and carried on. I will go to Lowes, or Ace Hardware, or that one Ty Pennington uses....Home Depot and get the appropriate NUTS! And then fix the bed so I can lie upon it, watch the little TV I put on the ledge of the cat tree, (the cat is confused now too) and have a place for my daughter, Grand daughters to sleep when they stay over.....and then leave again. I love it! I even pay for it to happen. Oh and wont the boys love coming home and sleeping in a PINK bed with hearts about it? Their'll work and I'm thankful I have a guest room! Finally.
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