Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Governor Sanford (and Son JunkYard mess) by Diane Ogden

Can you flippin believe what that "man" said in public! "I can now die knowing I have met my soul mate!" Duh, what a jerk or not so smart a person. Or his heart and his penis are beating in sync in public. OMG! I have had a few psychology courses and this is basis 101 self absorption. Or maybe he is really smart and playing dumb. That is a Southern Gentlemen trait in case you don't know it. I lived there, experienced such so take it from an expert! Not with that Governor, but ...... Back to point. If in fact he is playing Southern Gentlemen, his goal is to be with the soul mate Maria, by making his wife leave him so he doesn't look guilty as charged. Does he think we don't know our ass from third base out here? Actually his ass is on the block and he is desperately trying to save it and everything else for HIM! Those poor kids. And Mrs. Sanford....
"Make him suffer and don't let him go for at least two years." Pay back is hell baby. And this is a big one indeed. Might even beat John Edwards deal.
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