Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Balance Zero!! by Diane Ogden

Let me think.... It was 2006 and then again in 2007 or was it 07 and then 08...yeh I think that is it... Our best friend Daisy Dog developed a lump on her head just above her eyes. I took her in, they did surgery, biopsy, Cancer. Well shit huh! Nine years she was our friend and lived in our home and protected us and loved us as we did her. What a sad day to lose her...and equally as sad to take the bill home, look at it and look at it some more. Then start the payments. And I thought that was the end of it...not! Soon after that Christmas Buddy Cat started downhill. Well what did I expect? He was 19 for God Sake or for any sake. N I N E T E E N, hello. I should have had a dead animal know like the old Christmas (pun) accounts banks used to offer folks. Wonder what ever happened to those? Save a little bit out of each little pay check and then when the holiday hit you are safe and secure and sound! Well I didn't have one of those accounts. Or any accounts to speak of. Would love to tell you I did better in life and have 401's and all sort of other retirement accounts and savings accounts (well I do have that) whoopie Di. Back to the point. Christmas Kitty died.....and again it was sad beyond as he grew up with four of my five children....and slept with me every night and lived and helped me through many things that happened to me in this past seven years. Then he was gone. But his bill wasnt...and it was just about as sad. Now I had two dead animals, and two huge bills. How funny/life-like. Well it is July 2009 and I made my last payment to said Veterinarian's. Now I can start on my own doc bill... p.s. PaPa Joe (my Dad) buried the little friends last week at the old farmette....same month the bill ended in ZERO! Thanks guys for being with us all those years......and don't worry, its only green paper. And how nice of the office staff to send me that cute happy face along with the wonderful dramatic exclamation points...I agree.
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