Tuesday, July 7, 2009

America's Got Talent...by Diane Ogden

And so do I! I do comedy routines, stand up that is....in the shower, in the car, at my desk. And I sing, in the shower, in the car, in front of the mirror and to my computer.... I draw and file them away, I write children's story's, have a couple novels going.....there so good I cant stop reading them myself! But. Oh God there's the butt! But what? I am too busy doing survival that they don't find completion. My fault for sure. But I do have fun in my shower, in my car, and at my desk. doi. I tape them and hide them in my jewel box for the afterdeath go thru someday! ha. I was watching this commercial, I think for some cellular phone service, and they showed beautiful fairy dust (diamond dust) sparkling in the air when the phone rang. They showed balloons when a text came thru. And so on. In other words they put visual to a happy emotion. I love fairy dust and I want some. I saw it used in a play once....The Christmas Carol. From that day on I wanted to sprinkle fairy dust. Wouldn't it be fun to sprinkle it at/on someone every time you gave them a compliment? Or maybe not....might get arrested. I suppose prisoners might like and need some Fairy Dust. I know I do...because its happiness. And you cant throw happiness on people if they don't want it....real or not. I think I might get boo-ed off America's got talent because I just have too much of it. Like the Jack of all talent and the master of none. Wonder if that phrase is old now too. The other day I said to a friend, "Oh you girls are like the Three Musketeers!" She responded with, "What? You mean the Three Amigo's?" I said, "Yes, exactly!" Now if I only had a spanx full body bathing suit and a bra that really fit I would be even happier. Oh and of course a bag of fairy dust to pass around....because fairy dust represents Love! Since there is no such thing....we must spread it with our hearts via our eyes via our actions. Love....I've got talent! In the shower, in the car, and at my desk.
I got that photo online and forgot where...please forgive me!
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