Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a Week! by Diane Ogden

I finished my taxes, and yes I applied for an extension. And I had to pay!! I hate paying the government right now. So we wont go there today. Then I spent more days trying to figure out the FAFSA (Federal Aid to Students) online website while filling out their papers, losing my pin with only a day left before the appointment at the School to fill out more papers. This is the only good thing I can think of or remember about my Daughter's father. He was a passing person in the, no, not just a one nighter! A three monther....with birth control that obviously failed. He never paid his part... sucker died, too bad, so sad....and now its payback time! The daughter will get social security while she attends school full time. Yes!! What a Dad huh? Onto the next day of the week.... My Step Grand-daughter was in a very bad car accident. She always wears her seat belt but did not that said day. The driver over corrected after hitting the side gravel which sent them air born into a field and somehow she flew from the front seat through the back window, landed on her tailbone, broke it, broke her pelvis, her collarbone, ribs, fractured her shoulder and punctured her spleen. The police officer said it was a miracle she is alive from all he has seen in his travels on the job. She has to use a walker which her cat is scared of. She got out of ICU and then out of the hospital in four days. Doctors said, "When we see you can walk and you have "pooped" you may leave." So she did both and left. Kids!! Next, I got this new washing machine at my apartment and used it. I put some bleach in the dispenser, washed the towels, then washed my five cute little outfits (in a new load) I wear to work each day of the week. Sort of like those underwear we used to have with embroidered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each a different color... yup just like those. When all is "washed and done" my five little outfits have large and small white spots all over them, AND THEY ARE NOT WHITE! So who do I sue for new work clothes? Surely if I write a letter to Whirlpool they will respond promptly, not! If I demand the apartment complex reimburse me for my ruined goods, will they? Not! So what do I do, wear nasty clothes to work huh? huh? I'm pissed now. Just telling you all has made it worse. So its been the IRS, FAFSA, VITI, ICU, and then to top it off, dead clothes......Now do you see why that lousy three month-er looks so good to me this week. He is the only payoff and he's dead which means no trouble, peace ya know, and that's a good thing. Take that however you'd like. Me, I need some peace without dying to get it. See why you shouldn't ever say your dying for anything, ha! Love my puns...
p.s. of course that is me in the photo, duh!! (Another dead one gone, body that is)
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