Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shabby Diane Ogden

So this is me! I have to have it along with everything else in the latest Romantic Country Magazine which costs more then most medications. I bit the green paper bullet and bought it. My passion is Creme and White Victorian Wares, Whares?? Either way you get it. Frilly, Lacy, roses, wicker, chandeliers with the more glass hanging for them the better, birdhouses, mirrors, and on and on....although the round table in the living room photo might be over the top for me.
One chair cover is $150.00 in the porch photo. Maybe I best get out the sewing machine. But who has time.. I am "the bookmaking lady" remember. So far I have about seven published, one in the puter waiting, then upgrade my program and five left to go. I cant die or move or do anything diff until the books are completed. Then we shall see what calls my name. Maybe I will take single orders for Shabby love seat and chair covers. Or maybe I will sell everything I own and hop in the car my Mother is handing down to me next week. Yup, a freebie. I dislike car payments, even tho I like new shiny cars. Too bad, so sad, I am not turning down "The Buick." You'll have to tune in tomorow or next day for the hilarious "Buick Blog Post." I'll give you a has white walls! Stop laughing!

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