Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Parties Diane Ogden

That's Grandpa Joe uptop with Mr. L.E. Phant wearing PaPa's special straw hat! L.E. Phant is going to college with Briana soon. We hope that L.E. is going along, and that Briana chooses to go on to college vs go on to boyfriend. I thought we got rid of that crap in this family! You know "going onto boyfriend instead of college??" I really thought we as a family had evolved more. But then hormones are hormones at any stage of evolution right? Or Wrong! The brain is certainly affected by hormones ,but intellect, if on a scale other than zero should by all accounts count. And be heard by said hormonally charged teenager who has viewed those surrounding her/him of the consequences. It is what it is and Nana's can only throw parties and give hugs and love and cars. Maybe sneak in some sound advice very carefully. Who knows maybe we Nana's should be loud and obnoxious and we would be heard more?? Not sa sure about that one. Back to the Party. It was a nice little party with enough food to pay my daughters rent. You say what? Well its better to have too much then not enough which we certainly did have. So as they say, "We killed two birds with one stone!" (I would never kill one bird with any stone and I hate that saying yet it fits the moments analogy.) I sent a huge Tupperware container of Potato Salad, Barbecues, buns, 13 x 9 pan of home made mac n cheese, tuna noodle salad, brownies, cookies, mega pop, and a mess of fresh veges with vege dip, all home with Lindsay to give to her landlord roomie for the rent. LOL for real. (She lost her job recently and could not pay her portion of the rent which is very small.) Her roomie has two precious little girls who will think they died and went to heaven with all this home spun food. Actually I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed standing all day making it. Take that phrase or leave it. Sooo the giving got gave in all directions and there is money left over yippee do... We had a nice little party, the dog came and enjoyed all the attention.....Briana felt loved......she got cash flow......and I got CAKE!! At least two pieces and three roses. I know I know, eeewww. Well I like Cake and frosting but too much sugar wakes me up at 3:30 a.m. So here we are getting on with the a new day before the old one is finished. It's alright...there is a peaceful rain going on outside and dim lights going inside along with my little heater running in JUNE under my desk here. I am happy. I have one piece of cake left!

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