Monday, June 1, 2009

Kopke's Fruit of the Bloom by Diane Ogden

Actually I have always heard very good things about Gordy Kopke, owner of said Greenhouse. And as for my own experience with Gordy, it has been very good. I purchased two large Geranium hanging plants less than two weeks ago. At $27.99 which is the most I ever paid. Beautiful they were. Then came the big Bumble bees who seemed to love the little white flowers descending around the Red Geraniums. So much love no one could enjoy my porch life. Not me, not the Grand Children, not the manfriend I don't have. So I called Gordy, and asked if I could do something most people including I never do. Take them back. He agreed I could. So today was the day I took the two plants back. Gordy wasn't there, but wonderful, friendly, cordial, kind, uplifting "I don't know who," was. (NOT) I had not watered the two plants for two days because I couldn't carry them if I had. Sooo.... not so nice lady told me to browse around, after I explained to her the situation, and then she, talked about me to all the "checker outers." I felt like it was Jr.High School all over again. I could hear and see this. I actually apologized and tried to, I am not sure what. Like I have never returned flowers before, but these people acted like it was some criminal act or cardinal sin. I will tell you I felt two inches tall. I felt like a kid who had been reprimanded in front of the class. I tried to shake it, but I also knew the returned plants didn't look as good as they should have. I had watered them well but not fertilized them. I felt partially to blame here but Jeez Louise, I thought and have always thought flowers were to be fertilized once every two weeks so not to burn them! And that is what I have always done. With good results.
I got two new plants and got the appropriate fertilizer. The not so nice woman came over and in front of everyone told me in a not so nice or quiet voice that my other plants were unsellable, in terrible shape, no buds, and would go nowhere but the trash can. (I think that wasn't the real truth and I almost asked to have them back if that be the case ha.) I apologized but then I stopped because, what for, she was on a mission. She overcharged me $8.00 which at that point who gives a "shiet"....then as she continued her rant...I FINALLY spoke up louder then her and said, "OK that's enough, I got it! I- I -I -I (dragged out the I) got it!!" I have never returned plants in my life and had permission to do so and do not deserve this treatment. (OK so I didn't say that!) .... after I said OK that's enough I LEFT with my two HUGE plants...petunia's.
Yes now I know I have to fertilize them twice a week. (Forgot to tell you she also reprimanded me on why they put tags on the pots. "They are to be read and the directions followed," Ratchet Lady said. Excuse me for not being up on flower tags that I thought were price tags. I am used to buying plants out in front of the grocery store tent and there are no tags with instructions. Well sort of. That was quickie blog excuse. Actually I plant every year and I never have any problems. That is BRL....before Ratchet Lady.... I was treated very poorly and with great disrespect and I will never go there again. So there ya go Rose! The end......I hope.....they cant sue me can they? Course not. The truth used to set you free. But we know that is old hat harry. Oh Dear. I'm fine ALSWELL as my license plate reads.
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