Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Graduation Party by Diane Ogden

This is the Graduate! When she was two and now at eighteen... Isn't she a beauty? God that sounds like she's horse.. isn't she a beaut...guys in the Fonzie days used to call their cars beauts... Briana Maria Hull, better known as Bree, or Bri, or Breezy, or Bones.... is a beautiful young woman with such grand things ahead for her. I suspect that means boys, boys, boys, and then hopefully work, school, and a job making allot of cash. So her and I can hop the AMTRAK Train to Tucson to see her Daddy and then onto Los Angeles to see Cody and Chris Ogden and more. If we could sit in a seat for 42 hours we could get there for less than flying...$250.00 But to have a room, bathroom, shower, is $1200 for each of us. Now that means we need to start practicing sleeping upright for three days so we can go without flying. Nana D wont fly. Just the way it is folks. Just like I wont do boats! Not going to change it, don't want to, no need. Just practice sitting up sleeping. Back to Graduation....the party is in two days. A pool party and I just heard there is a good chance of a thunderstorm. Sweet! I am making barbecues and I don't know how. Ha. I don't eat barbecues so why would I know how to make them. They are too sweet for me. So my X gave me a zillion pounds of meat....I like free meat! I bought a half gallon of Uncle Herbie's Gourmet Bar-B-Q clue what it tastes like. Ordered a cake with the above photos on it. Making potato salad, home made mac n cheese, blah blah blah.... pulled a groin muscle trying to move furniture and clean in case anyone and I mean even one wished to see my abode... So I am hobbling around like a 90 year old hoping the hair cut I get tomorrow will be some sort of miracle. And will not match my hobble. We always hope that. Yet we walk out after the cut and color, a bunch of money less and looking still 60! But where's the mini lift and the miracle I was expecting? No diff than going to Macy's and hitting the makeup wall only to have some youthful little girl paint my face with a pound of makeup thinking she has to hide all the imperfections vs working with them...jeez these kids! I should have a makeup stand (on some street corner) for the old ladies...I 'd make a fortune for sure. Back to Graduation. I sure cant stay on track today. I gave Bree my car in great hopes it will run for two more years... humm. So my Mum gave me her car, "The Buick," which I still have to blog...all I will say is its got mud flaps and white walls and I have to brake constantly to keep it from heading to the restaurant for eggs because it wants to get in line with all the other Buick's and all the old white haired drivers but I don' we battle. I am winning so its alright. Hey, its free and paid for. More than I can say for this Graduation Party. Now I know why people give the kid money and forget the party and I haven't even started cooking yet, and don't forget they just forecasted rain for our pool party. That might mean a bunch of little ones in a small clubhouse. O'Well, they can eat and I will sneak a shot of something into my Soda. They say its not the problem, its the solution and this time I agree. Don't worry.

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