Saturday, June 20, 2009

The First Date in MANY Years + Rain by Diane Ogden

And I thought I was going on a simple double date to a baseball game! NOT! I had the best threesome ever. No not that way....I got all three of these wonderful men to myself for eight hours of laughing, more laughing, getting rained on most of the night, taking turns holding umbrella's. Steve, (the man in blue) his boss gave me a slicker rain coat, Don (in gray) bought me a DuckPond Mallards baseball cap, and Tim (in green) besides making me laugh for hours, brought me a sweet little turtle sundae in a mini baseball cap. We ate hamburgers and french fries in the pouring rain with wet napkins that reminded one of wet toilet tissue....obviously that doesn't cut it and sticks to your fingers and face. We watched a man shot out of a canon...We weren't going to. We were going to make Tim call a cab if he decided to stay any longer in that miserable weather, but he persisted like a bad child! He pushed us all to stay and we turned out very glad we did! It was a pretty good deal after all. At this time it was a tad past midnight so we stopped at a local pub for a couple toddie's. Steve was driving so he did not drink. I had two Scotch and soda's and continued laughing ridiculously. They say laughing cures all illness's. I am certainly cured of any and all past present and future illness that may try to befall me. Wont happen!

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