Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Choking the Chicken? by Diane Ogden

Check this out. And it is not cruelty to animals. I don't think anyway. I think this chicken likes it. Chickens make great pets by the way. Remember the blog post about Emma, the first pet chicken at the "funny farm," my parents own...and have since 1960. Emma was bullied by the other chickens because the "funny farm" family gave her the most attention. I am not kidding people. Emma went to school for show and tell...and Emma got to come into the house. Yup for sure...so she was shunned by the others. Just like women isn't it? One day the parents went to town and forgot to put her inside. There had been a fox around and Emma got "foxed!" Of course that's a pun. And she wasn't the only one the fox got.... So this hen in the photo is one of the new batch at the "funny farm." My little Granddaughters think the chickens are dolls. I swear its because they didn't have dolls when they were little. My son was in charge of the toy buying so the girls got boy toys and no dolls. O well...he did his best. Now they play with salamanders and frogs and CHICKENS! It ain't normal, or is it? The chicken seems to like the attention. Mother/Grandma allows this because she had a Chicken for a pet when she was a young child. So this is the norm for her. Allowable?? Me...I don't know really. I have a client who lives in the center of our 250,000 population city, right next to the big zoo, and her neighbors have chickens. It is legal to have chickens in the city limits. Really! Whenever I am there I can hear the cluck cluck, balk, balk, blakbalk.... I kind of like it you know? Reminds me of my youth. Maybe I will get me some chickens and put them out on my porch. NOT! By the way we get fresh brown free range organic eggs! Cant beat that. But then did you read my blog called "The Umbilical Cord?" Maybe you shouldn't or you may never eat an egg again. da da da da da da da da...Twilight Zone da da's....
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