Sunday, June 7, 2009 Diane Ogden

There are Drama Buttons, Defense Buttons, Jealousy Buttons, and "Bad Mommie Buttons!" ( and more) Buttons are what get pushed when someone, anyone pushes them emotionally by verbal expertise or emotional inconsideration. I say that because most of us react to how we are spoken to and treated. Me, I experience the Bad Mommie Button for various reasons. One because I have been a Bad Mommie five times....That makes the button really try to glow in later years! One of those times I had a daughter... Daughters push Mommie's buttons from the time they are old enough to have their own little personality. Of course other factors come into bloom also. Such as inherited Buttons from the generations past to button pusher and the button holder.
What's my point? Don't let anyone push your buttons. Just ignore them and be who you know you are. Bad Mommie buttons suck. Some people have huge over sized buttons right on their left shoulders and sometimes you cant even find any buttons on some folks . That's a smart evolved person there! A person that probably read and lived every self help book on the market as well as had counseling for several years. Or have a very calm as they say, "Laid Back" personality. Bad Mommie Buttons do best on people with the biggest Guilt Button Syndrome.... I think I have one of those on each shoulder. My mentor says we all have syndromes/issues and just have to learn to live with them. I say, if you have done the best you can, even if it was wrong, and you corrected it, or even tried to, then don't let anyone push your Bad Mommie Button. Just carry on past them and don't look back at their words or they will surely find their way and hit your button... which will just make it grow bigger and brighter. Only Mommie's with grown children will understand this Post the best!
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