Friday, May 1, 2009

Yellow Vitamin Diane Ogden

Every time I open my refrigerator I swear I get a dose of Vitamin D! It is so bright it reminds me of the Sun! I got this idea from my daughter in law. I noticed she put plain towels on her fridge shelves as she has young children who spill a lot, so I tried some antique doilies but they were just dull. Then driving around one day I thought about red place mats on the fridge shelves but said to self, eeww, that is awful, not red. Then green, no ick! Yellow, Yes Yellow! I found eight nice bright yellow towels for $7.00. I picked them up without flinching. I knew that I knew those were MY fridge shelf towels.... Now every time I open that door it shines like the afternoon sun. I am in such awe of the "pretty" I forget to eat too much. Did I say too much? Guess so. I love my yellow sunshine refrigerator. These will be great in the Winter Time! And it's great now. Try'll like it...hey maybe pink huh?
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