Friday, May 29, 2009

Rich Wisdom, Poor Diane Ogden

Ever noticed how "people" listen to wealthy people and not to poor less financially secure people. That just might be a mistake! (Not that I am poor but to a rich man I may be considered such) Take away the money, take away the clothes, take away the cars, houses, jewelry, face lifts, tucks, hair, skin, and on and on......what you have then is the biggest and most amazing unseen arrangement of colors, senses, energies, brightness, wisdom and peace! And more! That is your lite! What do we do with the skin we have been set into? I suspect that is our biggest lesson to "overcome" or work on while walking on the earthly dust we shall return to. I was giving some advice to a wealthy friend the other day.... I knew it wasn't being received because if I really were wise I would be rich. I am rich. I have plenty. Actually I have plenty more than the wealthy man. Not that he isn't smart of course. Just sayin.....take it all away and I wonder what is under Donald Trumps comb over? What lite shines under any one's skin and bones? Some people are simple and merely show their "butts." Other just think they are hiding, like a child who covers his/her eyes and thinks they are unseen by all. Shhh, their lite will tell their story!!
Sometimes I see into the spirit world. A gift I have. I was under hypnosis (not totally under,but totally relaxed) and the hypnotherapist asked me what I saw. I saw little balls of lite. Hundreds of them traveling in space in an orderly fashion. Some were very bright, some very dim, some large, some small, etc..... They were what is left when the body passes. These little lites reminded me of the plastic ducks at the fair floating in that circular pic one and get the prize written on the bottom of the yellow duckie. We are little duckies summoned by a force greater than the skin to a place we already chose. Whatever you overcome here you benefit from "there." If you are a nasty mean person you are summoned by nasty mean little lites and you join them. ha. If you do your best which is never perfect, you are summoned to the peaceful place and your lite is brighter and bigger.(OK so it is a bit more complex, yet simple, but that is enough for now) I thought maybe I was crazy, no I knew I wasn't...BUT.... then I was watching Oprah one day and a man was on who escaped a plane crash. He told the story of seeing the little lites leaving the burning bodies. Some lites were big and bright and some dim and small... all different sizes and variations of brightness.. I started to scream inside my head...I WAS RIGHT, I SAW THAT TOO.....OMG! So my point is and I could go on for pages...but wont. Point is....I have been blessed with much wisdom of this earth and beyond its borders. I am wealthy beyond imagination and I pity the money man or woman who cant hear me, or the many with no skin and bones who walk before their wisdom. Too deep, S H U T U P! Not! Take it or leave it skins. My new word for dummies. You know, all those books for dummies.... Is there one called The Dummies Guide to Wisdom from Above... Well here it is. Just remove the skin and bones and botox and tucks and money and clothes and cars and then take a look at their lite! I love my lite and work to make it brighter and bigger. What is written onthe bottom of your little duckie?
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