Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Pumpin Gas" by Ben...by Diane Ogden

This is Ben! Isn't he just precious? I was driving to Sauk City to deliver something and then onto Prairie Du Sac when I passed this shabby gas station and noticed the sign said, NO ETHANOL.....well I like no ethanol because my car runs better. The book that came with my car tells me not to use ethanol, but where does one find gas with no ethanol anymore...well there it was....looking like something right out of the Ozark Mountains....not Shabby Chic, just shabby. I made a U- Turn and pulled on up to the pump and before I could get my door open Ben came strolling out. I said, "What?" Then I said, "Oh my Godliness, are you going to pump my gas?" He grinned and I started squealing all about how many years it had been since any one pumped my gas. I asked him if everyone got as excited as I did. He told me only the "out a towners!" LOL... Then I said, "Wait, how much extra?" He said, "Nothin." I said I liked something for nothing. Then I got the camera out and told him I had to have pictures of this after he headed to wash my windshield. What a blow that was. I decided I would fill up there once a month on my little journey to that city of 3,234 people and where many come from all over to watch the Eagles by the river. Midway Sinclair Station, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin if your ever in the area. I am still enjoying the treat I experienced today with Ben and my car. Oh this is Ben taking my debit card inside to slide it, bring it back to me to sign! I had gone inside to pay when another man in there told me Ben would take care of that! I ran on back to my car, got in, shut the door, and enjoyed the moment.
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