Friday, May 15, 2009

Artificial Diane Ogden

I received an email from a friend telling me that when she called her husband to come pick up his Dinner Tray he mumbled the words "artificial intelligence." She said she couldn't figure out why he said that. Didn't take me long to figure it out! She had been "wondering" if his hearing might be wavering and stated that fact. So when he didn't answer her call for "Dinner Tray Time," she summoned him a bit louder and closer to him......that is when the saying came forth from his positive mouth/mind! "Artificial Intelligence" new words for anyone that thinks they know more than I do or says anything to me in any other tone than perfect. LOL. I laughed all and any bad cells from my body over this one. Especially when she told me she would have to think on why and where that strange comment came from. H E L L O ! Artificial Intelligence....In other words, (you think your so smart.) Best line I have heard in years. Kudos to the husband for not saying what he was really thinking and for using such class regarding this "comeback" he is so noted for in life... Names and faces have been left out to protect our friendship. I am still laughing...even if I got it all wrong. DUH, doubt it.
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