Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You an Uppie or an Undie by Diane Ogden

Me, I'm an Uppie! Not a young and upcoming Entrepreneur, but an Uppie. Using Podie Paper (on) Inteneded End. That is putting toilet paper where it unrolls topside. Some people like it to unroll downside....nope, it gets lost that way. And it is just simply wrong! Have you ever needed IT and IT is not to be found. How does one lean, bend, and then have to sometimes turn sideways and then bend and turn again and IT is stuck on the not thy backside, ITS backside. At this point if you or I need to be to work or somewhere, you spin IT... Nothing....You spin IT again....nothing...IT is STUCK and so are you. What to do? Next time replace IT as an Uppie not an Undie. Undie's get STUCK don't they? All puns intended. Ever been walking and undie is stuck? Sure you have. Seeing people unstick the undie isn't good. Problem is? Your toilet paper, or tissue paper, lavoratory paper, podie paper, or corn cobs, Sears catalog, whatever one uses, IT sticks, makes you late, makes you mad, makes you stuck if you don't figure IT out. So, are you an uppie and an undie? Personally, which obviously I am not too personal or I wouldn't share so much! Hey I'm honest and open to a degree, but then to what degree is the question? Most folks don't discuss their bathroom issues. Why not, we all have them. They are normal. Well undie rollers aren't normal in my estimation or blog estimation anyway. Maybe they are Republicans, or Dems. Whom-ever you think is worse! I do wonder what the statistics would say?
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