Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whoa, This is a Deep Choppy Diane Ogden

(EVOLVE: to produce by natural evolutionary processes c: develop, work out intransitive verb)
This is sort of like the deep hole one digs for the Post. Cement is placed at the bottom to hold the post upright. No not this blog post! How do we stay upright? I would "venture" to say, not guess, it is how "personally evolved" we are. My son uses the word evolved allot lately and I am starting to see why. I could stand fairly still and I would still receive the stories I have heard and watched lately that have confirmed what evolved means (to me.) Stuck in cement? A foundation of cement? No cement? Let me give you an example. Do recall my x-husband died recently. I felt sorrow for him because he had what I and many would phrase, "A bad life." He did many unacceptable things throughout his life and never learned on his own to stop. He was institutionalized in a nursing home where he had to discontinue certain bad habits, but he never made right his wrongs. He did love God and therefore I believe he is fine now, but he suffered a long time in the end. And death was not in his sleep with a smile on his face. He had to live out his earthly life with all the pain that goes with it because he did not evolve (personally) on earth. He reaped what he sowed as we all do. Ever heard the phrase "only the good die young." I bet its because they completed their task here...their evolution of self.... A dear friend asked me to pray for a lady who had brain cancer and was going through allot of medical issues concerning. I did and I heard the spirit tell me that she was not finished yet, she had to go through some of what the earth offers, while she was finishing her tasks here. The earth carries many things we must ward off each day. The Bible speaks of standing up against the fiery darts of the "devil." The Secret gives us ways to do so....Churches give us ways to do does, proper nutrition does, and love certainly ranks high on this list of standing tall while living...all help us stay on the good side of the fence so we have time to evolve. (No guilt) I am not saying everyone that is evolved dies, done, gone. I am saying it is very complex like much of life we don't understand. Some who are evolved stay here to teach. Some to help another, some to help nations and so on. Earth living is like college. Some go and learn and some drop out and some die trying. And it isn't easy, but it does come with a book of instructions and if followed the earth living while evolving is reasonably easier. Yes I know this was a choppy post...but I think you get it anyway. I was trying to bring forth into earth lingo what I heard in Spirit lingo. ha. Wake up each day not only to find something good for the self, but to offer something good to others which in turn you evolve. I personally will not die all un-evolved, mean with road rage while drinking and smoking and cussing and hissing and lying and blah blah blah, you get it. In other words, no cement "SHOES" for me! Rather a cement foundation I prefer. Then off to sleep with a smile on my face. Start watching for those who are evolved and those who aren't. You'll see what I mean. (And, make note evolved is not perfect) so don't go dying yet, unless you got evolved! I had to add some humor somewhere here before I quit.
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