Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Things Today: Ducks and Diane Ogden

I have a friend that told me I should "wake up like a duck." Recently I was hearing allot of negative news from the people around me and it was upsetting. I had passed that fact onto my friend while trying not to pass on the negs. That's when she told me I needed to "wake up like a duck." That either grab onto a ducks tail and float off or better yet to act like a duck and go with the flow....and if the water (negs) gets too rough the ducks get out and go to another safe haven. Not to another unsafe area duh. So today I woke up like a Duck and I flowed all day. Well until Client # 11 where I received some disturbing as well as "funny" news. On occasion my clients have goldfish which we all know do not live very long. (Some do) And the clients children take the loss of such a little orange pet very deeply. This Goldfish was almost a year old and became ill and seemed to take a couple days to pass on. This really bothered the husband. Now picture this in an 8 x 10 glossy! A 6 foot 3 inch handsome tanned musician from Chili is very concerned this fish does not continue to suffer. The sweet wife says, "Honey, flush her!" He was appalled at the idea of flushing and stated so by saying, "No, she wont die down there, she will keep suffering in the dark all alone." The sweet wife says, "Honey, flush her, really." He stands there in deep thought. He says, "Maybe I should stab her with the squewer." (spelling?) The sweet wife herself is now appalled and laughing and says, "No!" Me, I am thinking to myself, Good God use a hammer or your foot, not the squewer! Well she didn't get flushed, or stabbed, or stepped on , or hammered, she just finally died a natural death. When they told the little boy in the family, whose goldfish it was, he didn't seem so upset at all. I would suggest they not get anymore fish because the tall, dark, and handsome Father cant handle it. I am laughing. They asked me if I wanted the little blue goldfish tank. I said, "NO WAY, my kids are grown and I have been there done that way many times, no more thank you." Anyway I couldn't flush or stab either. In fact the last fish, Fritz, got a ride to the pet store because he was ramming his head on the side of the tank....jeez, that was awful. And it made me late for my daughters soccer game. So don't let me make fun of anyone else! The pet store man saved Fritz's life and all ended well. We went to visit Fritz at the pet store on occasion...and that's the way to have a gold fish....with visitation rights.
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