Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu and Polio not Diane Ogden

Happy News this is not. Me, I got the Swine flu vaccine in 1972 and it about killed me so I made what I consider a good decision to never again get a flu shot. Yet am I hoping there may be a tad of it left in my body for protection?? Yup! Back to Swine flu shot....I shall leave out the goorey details of me laying on the floor alone barely able to breath and so on... Therefore, if I should die before I wake from any sort of flu....well it beats what my Auntie Berdie is living through in the dying mill called a Nursing Home... I don't get the flu anyway. I decided a long time ago, like in the 1970's that I don't like throwing up so I don't throw up EVER. Really, not ever. Oh sometimes I think I might feel like it so I grab a TUM and all is well. Not that I am making light of this swine thing...after all the Bible speaks of plagues, and they do control population. Don't you wonder why one person dies and another doesn't. Do you think it is the way we think? Or talk? Or is it the Numbers and energies we carry or that we might not think positive enough ? Or is it luck? Or the moon and stars placement? Or that we didn't wash our hands enough? Could it be that darn simple. S H U T U P! Like I loved my cousin but he died from drinking too much.....and I loved my dog but he died from cancer....and I loved my friend, but she died from 'Something." Maybe it is that simple. We have a time to be borne and a time to die. I love the story of the dragonfly.....who lives under the water in depths of much darkness. The little dragonflies one by one detach from water reeds and rise to the surface and disappear into our world. The ones left behind 'wonder' where their friends and relatives went. Did they go to their demise? Did they just fade away from all? What questions they left behind for their other dragon people flies. Just like us huh? Look at what the dragon fly gets when he detaches from the underwater reed?....He finds a bright light and green beauty and new foods and an amazing life outside his previous life of darkness under. I suspect that is what we will get also. Be it the swine bugger or cancer or a car wreck or an explosion or whatever!! I truly suspect there is more light coming for us. But, hey, get some of those masks at the drug store just in case. God gave you sense right? Right! So do it then because I am going to... I choose not going out to the brighter light from any pigs cause. eeewww. I will do my best to choose how I go to that great light..... thank you . Life is about choices after all isn't it? I almost forgot to tell you that I lived during the Polio era... as many did. I was about five or six (and I am decades past that) and we couldn't go to ANY public swimming pools or the lake or the outdoor theatre nor could we drink off any public water fountains. It was Polio and it was highly contagious and deadly. As the Swine flu is also. Protect yourselves and your children. Wash hands, stay home as much as possible...pray.

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