Friday, April 17, 2009

Our First Nice Diane Ogden

Seriously. For us Wisconsinites it has been a long winter. We started feeling like the Eskimos stuck in igloo's. Our
First day with temps over 60 degrees came yesterday and today. How wonderful we are feeling! SUNSHINE and warmth. Somehow that combination is like love. I took this picture and many others of the little blue flowers in one of my clients yards. We don't have many flowers blooming yet as it was 34 degrees over the night time hours. Go figure, this is Wisconsin. The saying is, "Just hang around, it will change by tomorrow." People are putting convertible tops down, running, riding bikes, motorcycles everywhere, the zoo opened, outside cafes, home windows open to let the build up of winter chemicals out, and dogs are getting walked more regularly. Along with much much more but you get it...we are happiness.
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