Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Diane Ogden

I could certainly live this way. In fact I work at living this way very often whether that is because I lived before on this earth in a different time, or just because I like pink. And Creme. And roses. And beads. And frills too. I think I may have been born on lace too. My four boys grew up "dealing" with Pink. I honor them for never giving me any hoop la over all my pink and roses. Poor kids...and they are all straight that I am aware of anyway. The daughter dislikes anything crowded such as Victorian and Mom. Meaning I put something in every empty spot. She is rather ultra retro slash modern. I call it empty and cold. Silver and bright blue, red, and yellow.
My latest venture is our yearly deck/porch re-do contest at our complex. I win every year because I am old compared to the average age group here. They use red and blue and yellow. I come along with roses and lace curtains "outside" and fake chandeliers with pearls strewn about. And so on. This year I think I shall do Blue and Purple Hydrangea's. And that is where I am stuck about. I search the magazines, the Internet yet the plan is not appearing as it usually does for me. I would like a white wicker hanging double swing. But I am not sure I want it more than I want the $250 dollars it cost. I mean the contest winning is only $75. Duh. Not that I would buy the swing to win the contest of course not. It has a high back and I like to rest my head and swing. Rocking ones self is very calming. Too bad it has to cost $250. So far I haven't found anything similar at the flea markets. Well our closest flea market is at least an hour out but we do have many antique malls and garage sales. Maybe I will re-do my sunroom to match the photo above. Yes I will.
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