Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If it Has a Face and a Mother, Don't Eat it by Diane Ogden

Oh Lord! I heard that on the radio or TV the other day. One more reason I shouldn't listen to either anymore because ever since I heard it I am having trouble eating meat. I was preparing to eat some roast over the weekend....standing in my lovely kitchen slicing it gently preparing myself for the tender, juicy, aromatic taste, when suddenly as the fork is on its journey toward my "pie hole," as the teens call it. ( and God I hope I am referring to the proper hole indeed) Back to point, fork is on its ascension when mouth goes into mute and mind goes into gear and you know darn well what it thought. Yup. "If it has a face and a Mother, I wont eat it!" All I could see was this cow with that beautiful eye that sees the same things I see. And those little baby calves in those little pens where they stay until they become veal..."baby meat." I was peed off, frustrated, sad and out ten dollars. My little dog has enjoyed the cow who had a face and a Mother, ALL WEEK...while I ate eggs and toast and carrots. All of which have no Mother. Well, chicken's do but they don't nurse so I let that one go. I plan to eat shrimp, other fish, and peanut butter, and maybe organic chicken. Black beans, green beans, gonzo beans, pork, oops, no pork n beans, yellow beans, pinto beans, great northern beans, and oh yes, a bottle of Gas X and or Beano!
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