Monday, April 20, 2009

I Ran Into a Breath of Fresh Diane Ogden

Sometimes our timing isn't that of the Universe's. That is even though we don't understand, which of course we don't. Accepting this fact is good for us and our blood pressure and anxiety levels, if we can learn to do so. I spent overtime looking for a particular person whose husband had passed away. The news did not reach me for months and then I couldn't find her hard as I tried. Nor could I recall where she worked even though she had worked in the same place all her life. Just wasn't in "the cards" as they say. Her and her husband were kinder to me than most anyone I ever knew in life. They were non judgemental, precious caring people. But he did die, and I missed saying goodbye and thank you. What's my point? It is fourteen months later and I stop at the grocery store in our large city, for a couple items and I see the back of a woman that is familiar. I say, "Vicki?" She continues on. I scurry past others, turn the corner and say "Vicki?" She turned around and we both embarrassed next to the bread and catsup. We never moved from that spot for approximately an hour.Not the embracing part of course! She told me "her story," of his death, and his spirit in after-life. My legs were shaking while listening to her story. I told her when my body shakes during a spiritual story, that means something more than the present conversation that is happening. I asked her if she had written the story. She told me no, but has recently been led to do so. She got a laptop and is now going to begin what I suspect will be a beautiful love and life story from beginning to end. I could synopsis it right here and now, but would not infringe upon the beauty it will offer many, in fact maybe millions. I suspect so. We exchanged emails and numbers and a second embrace of love and sharing of much. She told me, "I get up every morning (even though I may not want to) and look for ONE GOOD THING to happen. She was my breath of fresh air I needed so badly. She doesn't know this and doesn't need to. But I thank the Universe for its timing vs mine. I am sure it was perfect as usual.
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