Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hallmark Movies All Day, (don't do it) by Diane Ogden

Today was an "innie" day. Raining, working online, changing sheets, washing clothes....and making a roast with carrots and potatoes and ruining it with Catsup as my Grandaddy used to say I did. And he was wrong. Adding pickles for those damn muscle spasms at night. Back to my point...Hallmark. Great cards, great movies, Micheal Landon types, Angels, God, perfect lives where the glitches work out slick. So all day, one after another I watch Hallmark, the perfect movies. I swore I wouldn't do that again ever. I cry at Hallmark movies. So that would mean I cried all day..what a duh? yes duh.. My choice huh? I knew that Hallmark movies made me cry and one a week was sufficient for release of toxins tears, but ALL DAY, come on....

Was I into self destruct or what? No, actually they are good, clean, movies and we all need that. But maybe not all day OK? Never again as I said before. Until the next rainy day I suppose. Those Hallmark movies also bring out the best in me...And I was able to work on the latest book .....Cody, the eldest son Lifepart I! By the way I especially like the Westerns...remember from past blog posts my Granddaddy is an honorary Indian Chief from Texas and taught me to shoot!
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