Friday, April 10, 2009

God Strikes Diane Ogden


I have a special friend and mentor in life I call Fern when she does something really odd (stupid : ) And vice versa she calls me Fern when I do. Like when she lost one of her fake fingernails in her ear and had to go to E.R. Or got in the shower with her bra on. Or pushed the old 1960's Triumph car out of the garage to "sun" the six ferns sitting atop it. (the car doesn't run) Yes they are Okies! Enough said but now you know where the name Fern derived. Or arrived from either way.
I purchase a cup of coffee a couple times a week from the local PDQ or Kwik Trip depending on what part of the USA one lives. Here its either one. Sort of like Walgreen's and Eckerds...same thing, different States, different name. Discount pharmacy is all. Back to the point. I buy that cup of coffee because it is better then my brew. So I add a small amount to my brew every day. Or like today I heat up a small amount of it while my brew is brewing. Do recall my visitor this morning, Mr. Muscle Spasm......I suppose I could blame him, notice he isn't a she! She would never be so bold and disrupting and painful! Because of said interruption, I heated the small amount of REAL coffee and sat down with it and my ice pack....later I decide it is time to make my two cup brewing machine go back to work for me. I put a new organic filter in the holder, add two scoops of fresh Starbucks grounds, turn the machine on, pour the water in with my blue coffee mug that I bought four years ago to match my car....and go back to my computer to read all about green makeup and linens and such. There was a still small voice that urged me to look back toward the kitchen.. That same one that tells you when you leave your apt. that you forgot something but you know not what until you are already in the car with no keys. Same scenario today. I looked back into that kitchen, heard that coffee machine, knew something was off, but didn't go check. I made coffee this morning for the counter top, the canisters, my box of band aides, you name it, it was coffee-ed! I forgot to put the pot back into the coffeemaker. Thank God it was only a two pot maker. And now I know this apt. building is leaning South. All the coffee ran in one direction, and that be south. I am sure it was God that stopped it just before it ran off the edge and down in between the cupboard and refrigerator. And I am sure it was God that told me to look back. Which he usually doesn't do, he says look forward or you'll turn to a pillar of salt. That means Make your coffee, drink it and don't think about your past or you'll be stuck like a statue, unable to see your future. Oh like I don't understand that one. Good parable God! Thanks, I shall now drink my coffee, a new brew by the way, and move forward. Thanks for the lesson thru spilt coffee.
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