Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Forget Your Diane Ogden

This is what you do so you don't forget your bread after Easter Dinner! Great idea huh? Some might disagree considering there were no odor eaters in those shoes....but, let me say I wrapped the wheat french bread in plastic. And it went to a good home. We had non traditional spaghetti and cole slaw and fruit, and garlic bread and chocolate cake! Some took spaghetti, some took cake, one took wheat french bread home in his shoe.

There once was a kid with bread in his shoe, he ate some much today he didn't know what to do....So off he went to rest his tummy, he ate so much today he felt like a dummie. He's young and he could really eat more, but I am not going back to the store. Nope, Easter is done for one more year.... And I 'm going to bed after I have a beer. (Really I don't like beer, it just rhymed) ha... Happy Easter

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