Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big Blue Diane Ogden

This is "The Mug!" The Mug is almost five years old. It has weathered much in its long cup life. I purchased it when I started drinking coffee and I chose it to match the new car my son "sort of" bought for me. I had relocated and was working on re-starting my business of fifteen years. Without writing or saying too much because we all know words come alive or can be re-birthed by our simple saying. Remember Simple Simon....wasn't so simple it seams. Back to point. The business did not re-start. I took a set back and so did "The Mug." The Mug has been on a long ride and it wasn't like Palisades Park. Now I am showing my age. I think that place is long gone.
I became a courier and drove all over the city. I loaded the car down like it was a ton truck. And it made it all the way through the tough times to the good times of now. "The Mug" endured snowstorms, blizzards to be exact, unbearable heat, a broken air conditioner, stranded in traffic when the steering went out, at least one wrecker ride, a flat tire, several bumper thumpers, a few curbs, allot of wonderful people, hail storms, some tears, much laughter, the sounds of zillion oil changes, the pain of over $7,000 in mechanic repair bills, the thrill of many mystery audio books, phone conversations on the road, some road rage on occasion, and allot of prayers because God can talk to people when their driving! The blue matching mug sailed along with that car and I for five years until today. It sprung a leak this morning. Or did my mug runneth over? That is the first and only thermal coffee cup I have ever purchased in my life. Either this will be a new exciting shopping experience or a dreadful one. Whichever I chose I suspect. I don't think I want blue again. Nor do I ever want a blue car again. I am a white or silver car person. So let's start with "The Mug" this time and get silver. Then will come the silver? But for now, I love my sort of paid for blue chipped car.
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