Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegg-ing! by Diane Ogden

Nothing about this picture of total relaxation and security will change the world. And nothing about my day (that I know of anyway, but then do remember the Christmas Story with the Angel George!) will change the world. I used to write amazing fiction for this blog, then I got into family and now its a maze back and forth of important to non-important blog posts. But come on, this pic is too wonderful. I know I should lose the county stuffed doll thingy but how can I? That is Lucy Cats secure spot...she sleeps in the lap of that old stuffed country woman! And Grace, she is plain old happy next to Lucy...I hate to tell you but she humps Lucy every time I take her somewhere and we get home. doi! And the funny in all this is me trying to get the RED OUT of their eyes. Animals eyes do not take photo's well. They look like gargoyles....I at least got some of the alien look out... Lucy and Gracie...my little friends in life. Sometimes I worry about what should become of them if I should die before I wake. I do have to fill out that WILL. I belong to PrePaid Legal and have the opportunity to take advantage of the offering of a legal... free... Will! it is sitting here waiting for me to send in. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.. It can be devastating for the ones left behind. I would want Lindsay to take care of Gracie Allen or have her put down. Lucy has anxiety and needs very special care. Actually so does Grace. She is from the Humane Society and loves children, dislikes dark skinned women, likes men, and is very very fussy. Has a collapsed larynx and or asthma...when overexcited she cannot breath. I blow in/on her nose and then she is fine. If its winter I take her to the outside door and the cold air stops it. If its summer, a fan stops it. So if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord Gracie and Lucy to be taken care of....famously thank you!
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