Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Teaching Little Ladies" by Diane Ogden

On the left is Stephen Wolfe, with or without the e
I know not! On the right is my son Chad and the three little munch-kins are Chad's children. Chad calls Stephen his brother from the other Mother. I say they were brothers from another lifetime for sure. They are very close friends as well as Stephen being the girls GodFather. So here's my take on Stephen's place in their family. I have observed him with the girls on many occasions and I find it quite an amazing "site." The man has the innate ability to treat these three little girls with total patience number one, but even more important he treats them like they are "little women." Yes, like they are real grown yet little women. He offers them total respect, love, honors them, cherishes them, kisses their cheeks and holds them dearly to his heart. He is basically teaching them never to settle for less in a man when they are in Jr. High, or High School, or out in the world that can be cruel. They will find wonderful caring husbands because of Stephens interactions with them. Not to leave out their Daddy Chad, because he also is very respectful of his girls. Although it is easier for Stephen who doesn't live with three little mischievous almost the same age girls!! Stephen may be even more appreciated come the teenage years! Stephen is like the continual vacation Dad. Not fair but still wonderful. Stephen will fly into Madison just to take the girls miniature golfing for one afternoon. (He lives in Arizona) And they know this! They know how special they are. He buys them beautiful long dresses and beautiful princess shoes to match their relationship. Not so many little girls have this blessing called Stephen. He is a prize of positive actions and reactions, good energy, great balance and I again I believe they are all connected on a plain from somewhere other than what it appears. Earthly or ?? Sometimes we get to hit on something almost perfect on this earth no matter where or why. This little combo is almost perfect. A big thank you to Stephen for his genuine love and kindness and all around good spirit. And a thank you to the other Mother because she must have done something right. I wonder if Stephen is an Angel in disguise? If not its a close race for a seat on a star for Stephen.
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