Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Nana, I Dont Want to Leave Chuck" by Diane Ogden

Chuck is in the hearse...he is my x.....and that is my Granddaughter. I was coming out of the funeral at the church carrying a slow cooker, had my rain coat over my head due to the umbrella being in the trunk, my camera around my neck on a cord and stuffed into my blazer pocket, and a purse to deal with...I spotted this forever photo and immediately began fumbling for my camera! Got it! Even though I discovered later the setting had gotten changed and most the photos were blurred. No matter, there she stood peering into the dark and grey huge vehicle that she watched some big men put Chuck into. She never knew Chuck, but she has been very sensitive about her Daddy's Dad dying. And there he was all alone in that grey huge car on a grey huge day. I missed the shot of her resting her head on the window and looking down at the ground. She did not want to leave him. There were a hundred people there talking and getting food, and getting into cars and coats on and flags in, lining up, some saying goodbye,........meantime with total solitude she stood peering at the dead, not understanding it, yet knowing she wanted to help him....that little girl faced death square all by herself, no fear, only compassion.
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