Friday, March 6, 2009

My X Husband Diane Ogden

I have a couple of x husbands. You always remember the love you once had. Why you wouldn't have married him or them otherwise. But things happen, people change, not that I don't take commitment seriously because I did and do. Sometimes people drink and act like that Chris Brown guy in the news lately with his girlfriend Rhianna. That is when a wife must leave to protect her self and her children. I said this,"Once you marry and have children, no matter what happens, it is for life." My 36 year old son had never known this man until these past few dying days. My son was attentive to his estranged Father night and day for almost four days. He held his hand, he stroked his hair, he loved him and forgave him. Isn't it interesting it happened the same week his wife Tamara was on Dateline telling the world of the Father she never knew. And isn't it interesting that my third son, Christopher journeyed to Arkansas via L.A., Tucson, Sedonna to stay with the Dad that left us when Chris was 4.... I am sure they bonded and gladly that happened before death. No matter, it is good no matter when it happens in this lifetime. Just odd don't cha think? Three of them in one week! Must be something in the air. So, the funeral is tomorrow. Sad. He went into the hospital for a routine biopsy and died.... no warning.

I will make a chicken casserole, take homemade salsa and chips for the his Granddaughter to offer up.... pay respects and come home and clean the house. Isn't that the way it goes....we have to move on. His heart stopped beating so he had no choice but to die. We cant die....we have to keep going be that cleaning, crying, loving, dying.... I am sorry that happened to you Chuck. I wished you had a better life.....
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