Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marie Antionette Visited Me Today by Diane Ogden

OK so this isn't really Marie Antionette, or is it? It is one of my Grand-daughter twins....Camryn. She actually asked me if she could take a bath. That is why I am making due note of this day. Her Other Uncle, my son's Brother from the other Mother, is flying in tomorrow for a half a day visit. The girls adore him which means, bath time and powder and clean hair. I do wish I carried that sort of clout with them! Naw, they love me lots and they like coming to have sleepovers, play with the cool dollhouse, the bears and bear furniture along with tea set and dolls and all sorts of art supplies. Having them clean is an extra plus. This Nana likes little girls to have nice clean hair for sure...combed by the way which we also do not get to see too often. Clean and smelling good is nice. Ya think?
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