Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dish Satellite Sucks...by Diane Ogden

This is what the Dish Dude left in my office! And this is over one year after I was tricked into signing up. Some older woman called me from a Local small town office and told me all the right things. I was tired of Charter's messed up office help and communication skills as are many others so I bit the "Dish Satellite Deal." She did fail to tell me that while I rec'd a promotional $5o, which I had to fuss to get, and that my FREE Satellite wasn't really free and after the first year I would pay $70 a month for my TV viewing! Yes just my TV viewing. And I wasn't allowed to shut my land phone line off for two years. (I don't need it) And the contract was for two years. AND if I do cancel Dish will charge me a $370.00 FINE, and TDS Phone will charge me a $165.00 FINE. If I can add right that is $535 for all those pretty wires you see plus more. OK, so when the young service "couple" arrived they didn't seem to know what to do. That is after the initial DISH meeting where the two young Spanish gentlemen couldn't find my place and one couldn't speak English. Then they said the office told them they couldn't put wires thru any walls. So they left. Then the next crew came and checked it all out and said yes we can put wires thru windows. huh? So they bent two screens and pulled the wires through. They ran two in my bedroom window, under the bed, across the walkway into the TV. Then from there out into the L.R. and into another TV.. Then thru an office window (which you cannot shut in the depth of winter or the reception is "squashed." ) The cold air blows right in so I put rolled towels on sills in each room. Boy isn't this swell so far? More wires into the office room of which the photos are of, then out into the l.r. and over to the other computer LCD TV Monitor. I am not a young chic, I am an older hen. My eggs dried up a while back so falling on wires running all over my home isn't such a hot idea. Course not much else hot going on around here. Back to my point. I called Dish and told them, Cant fall down, could you fix? Nice man sent out kid who called and changed appt. time because it was Sunday and he wanted to finish early. I complied. Duh. He left me that mess. He was also supposed to run the wires over door jams etc. Does it look like he did or was even the type to. Add that he smelled like he had smoked for days in the same clothes. I quit smoking six or seven years ago, I don't want to feel like I have to do it again after the kid leaves. Dish Sucks....as you can see. That is just inappropriate business. What to do?
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