Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Terrible Accident

I was driving on Highway 12 to a clients home today. One of the first days it was above zero, in fact it was record 55 degrees....That is just to trick the trees' into budding, and the daffodils into blooming, and to give all of us North Central Folks a darn good needed break! I was enjoying the drive which is about a thirty minute jaunt north. I usually enjoy most of this drive as the countryside grows with majesty like maybe I am farther away from where I really am. Like in the mountains of some foreign land or something. ha. The snow is melting and the impending doom of the long bridge over the Wisconsin River is up and coming. I try not to think of it but it is ever present each time I make this journey. It might as well be the bridge collapse that killed so many in Minnesota. I cant help but think of the water and the coldness and how many vehicles are on it besides me. Are they too heavy? Is this one of the bridges on the list that need repair? I should have checked. STOP IT! All is well...Stop it! Turn up the radio and eat some pretzels silly person. Then I notice a trailer with its flashers on up ahead. Now what? Lord just let me get to where I am going ...no prob. Thanks. But wait. The trailer starts to wobble...yeh wobble. It then flips out and the back gate opens to what seems like a horrible unreality. I see black and white skidding and flipping, blood. What is that God? What is that? Take me away from this. I was concerned about the bridge collapsing into the Wisconsin River and I cant swim whether that would matter or not! Now this. Its a damn cow. What the hell anyway? I cant even scream, I cant call out because, to who? Take me from this now! Now! Help, help... then the adrenalin finds its way to me, from me. It is the answer I called for. I was born with it and here it is not only for me but for the moment. There is the black and white, laying aside the road wrenching in pain, dying. Why? I don't know...but IT IS! I go into some sort of mode like I always do for the dying....be they in need of living or in the need for dying I do. What the hell anyway? I park, yes put it in P....get out..RUN....sit down by the black and white and put her head on my lap....don't cry, don't cry... I love you as I look into her large eye, I care is what is passed on to her. Good positive energy is passed back and forth. I will walk through this with you, you are not alone. I am sorry for your pain but you are not alone. Let it go and move on. Our eyes meet on a plain so different from that cold blacktop. She and I meet with the hereafter on a golden pathway to a new place where there is caring for her and not only her worth in cash. What an amazing sight this was . Taking a journey with a dying animal on a highway to nowhere from somewhere ugly to somewhere beautiful and peaceful. I don't know her name or if she ever had one. I do know she was sweet and needed me on this day to help her cross over. I wish we could all have easier cross overs, but........I loved her, that Wisconsin Cow who fell off the wrecked truck on a sunny day in February. I think she was lucky. Hell is also being shot in the head at a slaughter plant where the Fed's don't pay any attention to her or how to help her pass. But I did and God did. Someone must have been praying for her somewhere. I thank them. Because my Aunt Berdie is no different. You know, the Auntie in the Nurse Home I go visit every day until she passes from heart failure from old age. I will be there for her just like I was for "Bess Cow" today on that same Highway to Heaven. Just a different place, different day different way. So did this really happen? Or was it the daily general anxiety disorder? Ya think? Or not?
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