Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look Whose Sleeping With Me Now.....

And isn't she precious! Both of them are but it does get crowded on occasion. Lucy cat stays over on her side top right. Gracie dog on the other hand has much more faith in my love and honor for her as you can see. She lays out right next to me. As I put the covers back upon awakening, she gets a blanket avalanche. By the way she is not sleeping...she is faking it. Why? Because she hates the camera flash. The Granny flowered pillow is supposed to be her bed, but has turned out to be a large lump centered in my beautiful bedding ensemble. I cant spell that! Then we make morning coffee and I turn on the computer to see who has checked in. That is when Lucy makes her statement of need saying, "I sleep quietly on the top right but now is my turn." She sits on the scanner staring at me. After she has her one fresh large shrimp she beds down again in the chair in back of the photo where the old computer sits. So these are my friends. Wish they could dance, or help me clean the house, or drive the car sometimes, or get the mail, fold clothes, wash some! Bake cookies, make a meal, or just pic up after themselves. O Well, they don't talk back, spend any money, put others down, talk negative, wreck the car, drink alcohol, buy expensive toys like boats and baby tractors and so on. They just love me and sit next to me, sleep with me, watch TV, and go for walks with me. How much more peace could one ask for. Except a million $ anyway.
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