Saturday, February 21, 2009

Berdies Ass Diane Ogden

OK, sorry for the abrupt title, but I have spent insane hours with Berdie at the best N.H. in the city. She has a sore on her ars......yes I know I spelled it wrong...I did that on purpose Hello! It was bleeding....she told me one aide picked the scab off...(OK so I will give the aide the benefit of the doubt and say she wiped Berdie too hard, (Doubt it)) Listen here, Berdie is sharp in the brain area... She also told me some aides DO NOT WIPE HER after she podies. What chumps. Lazy human beings.
So today we worked the puzzle big time and it was finished at 9:00 p.m. this night. February 21, 2008...just in case this is her last day.. But then I doubt it. Yes she is in CHF.....heart failure...and yes she is coughing thick phlegm, and swollen legs, and and and so on....but she is hanging in there... pulling herself out of bed, and up from the recliner to the walker best she can.....She is tougher than any one of those "simple" aides. Who may be nothing more than a pimple on America's ass anyway! (not all of them )She, Berdie, has had an amazing life. Oh back to point. I was telling her I thought the dinner helper was a nice lady.... Berdie says, "You mean the Jap?" I placed my finger to my mouth in a gesture meaning shhhh!!" And responded with yes I mean her... Then once again we discussed aides and Berdie says, "Are there any of those N WORDS out there?" (I cant even type that word.) And do realize Berdie is 96 and that is from her not judge her . She doesn't cuss, she does gossip, she is respectful and mannerly, but seems to be prejudice... Isn't that interesting? I try to get her to plan B on that one. Tough call. O is what it is. I love her and I truly believe she loves the Jap and people she refers to N's... I have to laugh... sorry if you cant see it or accept the time value of this case scenario... Good woman, old ways is all. Heck when I was a kid in the South of Texas, my Dad was hired to paint a school, one half was black and the other was white, and they used different water fountains. S H U T U P! Now that is insane huh? And Auntie Berdie would let the N-CNA or the JAP -CNA, (actually she was Viet Namese God forbid) put butt cream on her butt and tuck her in! Write that down ...And ssshhhh... not cool these even make the jokes about. I do it anyway. Hey, Berdie sits all day and if she lays she cant breath....she is scared and basically alone and tells me she is ready. I wonder. We talk about it and then she doesn't seem to remember what we discussed at all.... What is that about? So again, it is what it is and I have compensated by saying The Lords Prayer every night before I leave. I am probably the person she gossiped most about in her life...ha....what a send off huh? I go help her every day or night...rarely miss.... Hell of a lesson eh? That's how life teaches us ..............
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