Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wisconsin Lemonaide

This is how we folks in Wisconsin turn lemons into Lemonade! I happened to pass this scene this morning and found it to be so cool I turned around and took pictures thru my car window because it is so blasted cold here right now.... There is snow everywhere, hard snow, soft snow, dirty snow, iced snow, and more snow. The streets are snow covered as well as most roofs and decks and porches and window wells and cars are squeaking due to salt dried on the brake drums and everything else underneath and around them. It was like fingernails on a chalk board each time I tried to open my car door it was so white with salt from the roads. So I sat in line at the Octopus Car Wash so I could get the underflush only to have my trunk freeze shut on the way home. Snowmobilers are running into deer and ducks and people are doing circle donuts on the way to work, some coming out alright and others not so good.... So when I saw this snowbank painting the first thing I thought of was, "Now that's how Wisconsin people turn Lemons into Lemonade. Or Snowbanks into art, or unhappy mailman into happy again! We should all make art .....this is a good time for the Graffiti painters to get out and paint away without destroying property....Graffiti Snowbanks!
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