Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Funeral

Everyone at funerals always says, "Lets hope we meet at a different setting next time." But what setting would that be? None except a wedding and depending on all our ages, that may be a stretch. I saw folks I hadn't seen since the last funeral. And do watch the mouth...I saw someone say, "Ya, (Wisconsin lingo) I remember you when you looked so pretty." LOL LOL S H U T U P DUDE!! Then my Mother pipes in and says, "Oh he didn't mean that, I remember you then also." Double whammy ya think? There were the people whose memory cells were on high alert vs love alert. There were those we love to see, those we don't love to see, those we tolerate, those we hug, those we dismiss, those we don't know, those we do. That's a funeral or is it? What about the dude that died? I remember him...and his brothers and sisters, and Aunts, Uncles, and me..... I remember him. He died on Christmas Eve all by himself in his truck while plowing snow. Wisconsin Snow can do that crap to a person this year, (damn too much of it.) He had children, and a wife and grandchildren and EMPHASEMA! He was tired and he couldn't seem to beat the smoke. So he is gone and we are here and we need to find something positive about this. So I did. I loved all who were there as well as the deceased.And I ate a barbecue and some chips which are still biting me back. I then went to my God Mother in her new nurse home (she is 96+, hell I lost track) and I instigated discussions about her dead husband and all good things I could think of. She is try to think of good things to say to a 96+ aged person who is dying. I am good at it and did what I am good at. Bringing forth good news.....even to a dying person. Bless you David who died alone in the snow. Bless You! And thank you for the opportunity to see all the relatives and love them no matter who or what they are like... Thank you for your life no matter what it was.....cause its not my call to judge it. Just to honor and love you as a person who lived here and did what you/he could to live here and get through it good or bad or both. Love you Forever David.
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