Friday, January 23, 2009


My Auntie Berdie, et al GodMother is 96 or 97 years of age...She has been moved to a Nurse Home two blocks from my home. That should be all I need say eh? Not! I have been to see her daily for a week now..... She has congestive heart failure which means she is good for two days and bad one. It means her organs are not doing so well because her heart isn't doing so well. The good news, (or is it?) her mind is very good. What that means is she knows when the nurses suck canal water at their job which is caring for her @ $8,000.00 a month give or take a grand.
Back to my point. Tonight I curled her hair, (yesterday we did her nails a pretty pink) and picked up her dinner from across the hall, be that ten feet, and fixed her blankets just like she needs them, not to heavy on her feet. Then after dinner she rang for help to get herself ready for bed. I asked her where was the cream for her face? She didn't know so I searched it out. It was in a little cup or so I thought. I brought it out and started spreading it on her forehead as I had done the other day also. From outer space or somewhere a strange a voice came into mine and said outloud to Berdie, "Lord I hope this stuff is for your face and not your ass!" We both started laughing so hard it scared me that Berdie might stroke out on my watch! A Nurse heard the commotion and came in and I told her the funny I made, thinking it really was a funny.... she said, "That lotion is for her butt!" Then we started laughing once again.... Berdie may live forever if we keep this laughing gig going.....
Then it was back to the waiting game for aide Barbara to come and ready Berdie for bed....Barbara lacks true kindness...I have tried to reach her to no avail because as she told me herself, "I would rather be home!" I watch her ignore patients at dinner time when they ask for help. Very sad to watch human beings come to such disrespect from a few fat women, or youth with no sense of life. Let me add there are some very wonderful helpers at this Nurse Home. The elders have so much to offer and even if they don't they deserve love and kindness and respect. Their bodies are shutting down and they cannot help it. That gives no one the right to mis use their existence. I am knowing there is a reason Berdie was moved two blocks from my home! Ya Think?
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