Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's in Your Window?

When my children were all small I recall one of the local Mother's was honored at the Jr. High in one of the hall window galleries. You know those windows where the sports memorabilia are always posted...or art work. Well she got the entire window. She was an author, she did authentic Indian Dances in authentic costume, she was an authentic Norwegian in an authentic Norwegian community...could speak many languages and so on. The day I saw "her window" has never left me. I would always say to myself, "What's in your (my) window?" I couldn't speak many different languages or do any in costume dances or have a big fancy house like she did. Or even a stable marriage. All the things I dreamed of since I was a little girl I didn't get. But I did get five beautiful children. I am making each one a picture book of their life. If I didn't get the window I wanted to "show" the world or my children who I am in my heart, I am trying through the books to give those boys and girl the only window I had to offer, their wonderful lives. What's my point? I was reminded once again about our personal life windows when my cousin died on Christmas Eve, in his truck, plowing the record breaking snow we had had in Wisconsin. I found his "life window" yesterday. Barely a two paragraph article in the newspaper and no funeral. His family said he has no insurance so they are having a little service in a few weeks. The State cremated his life body. His parents died many years ago...he had a rather difficult life and it seems it didn't end any differently. Here is the article.
Stoughton driver who died of medical condition ID'd
The Capital Times — 12/26/2008 11:15 am
A 65-year-old Stoughton man who died of a medical condition that precipitated a crash on County B in the town of Dunn on Wednesday has been identified as David G. McKeown, the Dane County Coroner's Office said Friday.
A news release said it was determined that McKeown died of natural causes.
The Dane County Sheriff's Office reported that authorities were called about 4:48 p.m. Wednesday on reports of a single vehicle crash on County B west of Keenan Road.
As passing motorists stopped to render aid, the vehicle started on fire.
The driver was pulled from the vehicle and CPR was performed, but the efforts were unsuccessful, and the man was pronounced dead at the scene.
That is all he got............... "What's in your window?"
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