Friday, December 26, 2008

A Spirit Inspired Gift

Let me introduce you all to Kimberly, Wendy, and Tamara. Sisters! Sisters in the "center" of an extremely serious life battle. In my previous blog posts I discussed their Father, William "Billy" Miller who was murdered 36 years ago almost to the day the authorities arrested his x-wife and best friend for collaborating his murder. It has been stated that Wendy was in the car with her Mother when the incident took place. (Wendy was only a baby at the time) I am Tamara's Mother in law and when I found out their was a trial coming up soon as well as two segments on DATELINE in January or February 2009, my heart reached out to these girls and their Aunt Sharon who has never stopped looking for the answers to this once "cold case," now turned very HOT! I was walking around one of our local stores just browsing and as I always do I walk past the fine jewelry just to see if anything is really on sale... That is when I was drawn to a jewel case I rarely look at. The lockets and crosses. I mean I have three lockets tucked away, why would I look for any such thing? When I saw the small oval locket whose cover was engraved with "In My Heart Forever'" I knew what to do immediately. It was like spiritual CPR....I ordered three, then as you can well guess, I was sent a photo of the girls with their Daddy, Billy, when they were all very little. I took it to one of my clients who is a photographer and she had them made very very small for me. (But I had to do the cutting out, eeewww, b r e a t h e!) I did it! With one to spare in case of error. Then came Christmas....well heck why not do the gift the day Christ was born! The lockets are a symbol of agreement for faith that JUSTICE will be served. The Bible says if one prays, 10,000 evils flee, if two agree, 20,000 evils flee, and if 3 agree, 30,000 evils flee and what if more agree? The Angels will go before those girls and Sharon to clear the Briar, pave the way, for Justice to come finally for William Billy Miller, Their Father who was physically stolen forever. They grew up without him. Yet here we are full circle, battling evil with Love..... We all know which one always wins....especially with agreement. Please go to this link to read the particulars of this sad cold case about to be solved. In addition please read

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