Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Joe Lost His $29

Tonight I was busy..... I hired someone for my new business and was sending emails regarding scheduling and I was tending to my dog and cat left alone all day along with showering and having a late dinner....and then my Dad called. He is 83 or is he 84? He went to the doctor today for the ump-teenth time to find out why he is dizzy. ear, nose, and throat man discovered vertigo on the right side. Is that a Yea, or ewww! It's like finding an answer but not the one we wanted. Well Dad and I got to talking and one word led to another....He likes to listen to that money lady on TV, what's her name...Suze Orman. My Dad told me all he remembers about the Great Depression is his Mother saying, "Well Joe, I need to let you know you don't have your $29 dollars in the Middleton Bank anymore." Dad says he remembers it but that he didn't really care that much. Hey he was six or seven. He does recall the family not having $10 to buy his favorite pony he rode to school every day. The neighbors offered to sell it to the family but the money was not there. He is 83 and talks about that pony allot. Over and over on occasion. It was his friend and a milestone memory in his life. He also recalls his brother in law from Token Creek working for the WPA...(Government Projects) His Dad also worked for WPA and WALKED from Token Creek to Madison for work because they didn't get a milk check for three months due to the Creamery going broke. Such as our Car dealerships at present. Interestingly, my brother and his wife own a GM dealership or two and have had to lay off their own son and are contemplating selling out. Hummm. Same as the creamery, different day, same story?? And another interesting saga from the past.... My parents have an old outhouse on the farm. Dad told me that old outhouse is a special one. The WPA chose farms in the state of Wisconsin to repair, to help people on relief earn money. It reminds me of this Christmas when I suggested we give the kind of gifts we for instance. Such as pans of lazangna or brownies or pies etc. Necessities. Here we are 2008 in a recession close to something pouring slabs of concrete under farm outhouses vs dirt so some have food for their children. Me, I am doing great. I have a great business, just hired a new employee, I have a real toilet and no money issues. Well, I could use a few things....but truly have everything I need and more. Hey, I read The Secret! ALSWELL (do recall that is my trademark misspelled word)
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