Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Ate a Cow!

I think I shall blog this one! Or maybe not.
I bought a pot roast the other day. I do not recall the poundage, but a good guess it was the size of three of my fists. I ate the whole thing in three days. I couldn't stop....even thru Christmas... I also purchased two large potatoes. Maybe this is what senility is? Or old age eeeww. Or the old maid who lived alone.....even more eeewww. I put catsup on that meat and went at it like a chocoholic goes after fudge. Ya think I am low on iron? Naw...Ya think my body, no brain desired something other than P. B. and J? I think so. I have also eaten two tubs of non dairy creme cheese on crackers for breakfast all week. At least I spread that one out. And then again, maybe its this out of the world Wisconsin weather. Snow Snow and more snow and missing jobs along with cash that goes with them? Thinking too much? Or just plain I hadn't had roast beef in months plus. I had lost 13 pounds so maybe my body/brain just didn't like "change" and was tricking me to get some of its body blankie back! p.s. The dog was happy with the new cooking spree too.
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