Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Life as a Ship

I was talking to God regarding a family dilemma, and asked God if he thought I could do "it." I sensed this: You have to decide if you will or will not. Not if you can. You know the answer to your situation. You merely said too much and thought too little. You created a crater for yourself and fell in it. Now you need a bulldozer to cover it up. Make your decision, look for guidance and carry on. This situation is not different, it has the same quirks, dysfunction, and attitude as many situations in life…many could learn that from you if you just make sure you don't react out of timing or emotions. You are the leader, the adult…don’t take bad energies from others. Give your good energies. You sometimes take on others energies and then blame them. You grow up and then everyone around you will. As for people who continually give you bad energy, disengage yourself. NOW! Just do one at a time. Too many make the ship sink. And if yours started sinking? Why? I will tell you where your responsibility starts and where it stops. You are the one that will go OVERBOARD…..Stay in the boat….move the mast as I tell you…steer in the direction of positive words and thoughts…and stay afloat. You don’t even need a life jacket then, because good thinking is your life jacket. Stop taking it off and throwing it away because it is uncomfortable….It is big enough to save you and all yours…People come to you without a life jacket…in fact many people with so many hooks in their hearts the pain makes them scream…you probably throw a few of your own at times and then others then throw them back at you….how can that battle be won…it cannot. There are other ships along side yours ….ignore those ships and steer your own. Why jump ship and leave yours unattended. Get yourself together and run your own ship. If there are those that wish to be a part of it, fine…doesn’t mean you have to connect with the other ships or boats as you have before. And you needn't allow them to connect to yours. Your choice. You are the captain of your ship….you better get control of it. Stop whining. Run your own ship no matter who comes in it or who leaves it. Your letting others run your ship! Sometimes your ship is like the weather…up and down. Yet,the steadier she goes, the better for all. Steady your ship for when the bigger wave comes, to get through it, you must be in control of the means to do it. If your ship is unsteady already how can it weather even a small storm. (If you show you can run a small ship wouldn’t you then be advanced to a bigger ship.) That is the way it goes. Floundering wont get you there. Make your decisions, stick to them…don’t let any on board that will sink your ship. Let those go….you are the authority, not the maid…. Some are abused because they cant speak up or run their ship and so on.... You are not a child as that. A child has not the capabilities to steer a ship, maintain a ship, keep her passengers in line, stay out of dangerous waters, make sure of the right amount of lifeboats . An emotional Captain can make errors. A Captain with good judgment and foresight of mind will always come out on TOP. Steady she goes…Diane….steady she goes…no matter who is on board…you are the captain, in love, until the day you bring her into port and greet me with your maps and books telling a story of a job well done.
Do not let the thirsty wait for a drink.
It is your weakness, not their inability that have put you in this spot. A weak man cant sing the song…
I am not being harsh, I am handing you a plate with the answers I know you can eat of. Do not eat weakness, rather sing your song. It is always there. I bring song to life as my sign of strength for you. You are a mighty woman…Act upon that. A mighty woman with a mighty ship. Of coarse I know you don’t like the water….remember this is my water, not the worlds. My parable to you for your life and ALL who enter it. Give them a ride on my ship…give them “Steady She Goes!” What better lesson could you offer. Get back on board there’s a ticket a waitin’ just for you and yours.
Do you think that was my dead Grandma talking to me, Maybe an Angel, or God, or ....... I dunno, but I heard it is what I do know.
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