Monday, November 17, 2008

The Way We Were We Still Are

This is my Maternal Great Grandmother and Grandmother. They married young, had many children, did some Foster Care, did laundry and cleaned homes for others...married several times and they were strong, hardworking women who raised their children alone at times. So did I!
Those damn cells have memory (good and bad)... and keep on keeping on coming...the Bible says for Three Generations...That means my daughter might be safe on the maternal side anyway. The photo of the man is my Great Great Grandfather Baker. Someone mentioned he was a Quaker which is why the girls married so very young. At 13 and 14 and 15 years old. Not me, I waited to age 17!! whoopie doo. Now the photo of the seven people is my Paternal Great Grandparents and my Grandparents standing left behind them. That 's enough for now. What's my point? That we are all good and bad and the cells carry both the good and the bad onto the next generation.... me and mine and you and yours. Haven't you ever heard, "I wonder why I was born?" fix the way you were before you got the way you are....which still needs fixin'! My Grandfather was a drinker, so we all have to watch additions. My other Grandfather was poor, so we have to watch out for poverty cells. But ALL my Grandparents loved children and took care of children.... Just like me, except I Mothered Husbands unintentionally which called in immature men. Shheessh. Cells again I tell ya... You cant kill them, you have fight their urges, fight their demands, fight what they tell you secretly! You have to remake the way you were UNLESS you are perfect and came from perfect. Ya right.... We all came with issues either from our ancestors or who knows, our past life or lives. Yes I do believe in coming back here for another round of pain...but I have decided to refuse the next round. This MaMa has had more. Well not unless something changes and time has become an issue on that score card...
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