Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talking to the Dragonflies

Yes I can communicate with dragonflies and on occasion a dog, cat or horse even......and of course its a gift. A gift maybe anyone could have if they took some "time out." Do you ever remember getting a "time out?" It's where you have to sit quietly for longer than you want to. Communicating is the same thing only with deep concentration on the being before you.....whether a dragonfly or a horse. They have everything we do except a voice to speak words. I become one with them. Then I can let them know what I want from them and they let me know how they feel or I sense various other things. Not all the time because my human mind wanders off to thinking on earthly projects or a BLT on toast or cake....I like cake! Something dragonflies do not know about. My dragonfly experiences began several years ago when I was going to visit my son at a State Prison in Southern Illinois. I was taking his daughters to visit him for the first time. A very stressful situation indeed. We got there to the "twin towers" prison and parked the car.....took some deep breaths without letting on the degree of stress contained within the soul of the air being expelled from within me, to any of the girls. That is when my first dragonfly friend appeared to me hovering over the hood of my car for what seemed to be hours when in reality it was longer than one of them usually hovers. I heard that beautiful little creature tell me, "ALSWELL"(my trademark word) and all will be well, just go ahead on in." Then she flitted away like a real fairy from my childhood stories. I love fairies, humm. After that there have been many many instances of Dragonfly fairies, just because I want them to be fairies by the way, sent to lead me and guide me and shock me also... Once onne hovered a ways out from my windshield for several miles as I was traveling 60 mph. Now how did she/he do that? I was in such awe of this beyond belief hovering crafty bug! But she/he sure boosts my faith every time they come and play circus trapeze artists around me and everytime I need them they appear... and it always happens right when I need a sign or a lift. Once I had to do an awful job for a while....A job I disliked intensely and was embarrassed of. I was praying for something different and wondering if that would ever happen. (I know read The Secret again doi) Anyway, I had just gotten out of my car and two HUGE dragonflies come fluttering around my car and me over and over while mating. Circling me to the place it rather frightened me actually. Then they came right in front of my face and hovered there like an alien space ship....they just stayed.....then they escaped so fast, just like alien space ships do...ssshhhsshh gone! I called for them to come back because I knew my fear had sent them away...They came back and I was one with them at that moment, because nothing was there, nothing but me and the two dragonfly's...ONENESS. It only took seconds after I called to them that they were back and circling my car again....And hovering before me. I thanked them for showing me that their mating represented a "NEW LIFE" coming for ME! And well it did.....
I love my little friends and they seem to care for me from another dimension we can only touch base with on occasion when we get out of ourselves and out of this earthly dimension as well as acknowledging a oneness with their world. Now I need to find a wintertime bug to communicate with. ha. Let me add that I believe praying is similar to what I experience with my little buddies. Only, Angels are our BIG buddies.....maybe with much more power indeed. Think on this one?
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