Sunday, November 2, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake and Flavor Flav

Now last night was fun even though my part was only camera person and crown maker. Check out that crown! The Frat boy was all ready to go party without his "Flavor Flav" crown. Like I knew who or what a Flavor Flav was. Seems he is a washed up rapper from the 80's. Sort of like me, a washed up flapper from the 80's. And I am still behind but loving every minute of it. Strawberry is my daughter and Frat Boy is her guy since she was 14 and will be 20 this month. So.... Frat boy was "whining" cause Strawberry looked better then he did. She was "shining." Telling jokes and making other funnies. It was then I noticed her distinct ability to be an actress which is what she wants anyway. Why she is going to Cosmo school is beyond me unless she can do hair for the stars. Back to point which I always run off from. Strawberry became someone else with her new outfit on. Wish we could all spend $40 and become someone funny and witty and charming like Lucy! OK so Frat boy is sad. Me, I just want to work on my computer book and relax, b u t....I succumbed to his need considering I am Miss Creative. I pull out the old dusty scrap booking paper from under the bed and find GOLD. Then I find silver aluminum tape I got from a 3M salesman that used to live in my building. Then I found more 3M blue tape. Do not ask me why I kept it! And I do not hoard. The creative juices flowing caught me heading for the jewel box that still has 80's on up good stuff crammed in it. Found those old jewels we used to put over buttons! No kidding! Glued them on Frat Boys Crown of "Flavor Flav" and bingo wingo....Majic. No more sad Frat Boy. Oh I forgot his walking stick broke in half while I was scrounging up a crown and whalla, aluminum bumper tape to the rescue. I was willing to share it because I don't have a chrome bumper anymore so I wont need it. I know, get with the times. I did, I have a blue bumper now and blue 3M tape. I am glad those nasty button covers are out of my jewel box though. What was I thinking?
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